A Managed Industrial Park

A Managed Industrial Park

Selangor's Premier Managed Industrial Park

Spanning 160 acres, COMPASS Industrial and Logistics Hub sits at the center of the COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat industrial development. This green managed industrial park offers 3–20-acre FREEHOLD light to medium industrial/warehousing lots that can be “purpose built”, based on a client's specifications with an option to purchase or lease the final product at the end of construction. With dedicated workers' quarters, a commercial zone, green landscapes, sustainable energy infrastructure and round the clock security, COMPASS sets the trend for managed industrial park development in the state of Selangor.

Tomorrow's Solutions Today

The Future of Managed Industrial Parks

Green Certified Industrial Park

Freehold Tenure

Excellent Flood Mitigation Features

Green Industrial Park (Provisional Certification Received)

Professional Park Management Services

Modern Utilities and Infrastructure

Worker's Dormitories

Excellent Flood Mitigation Features

Workers Quarters

Professional Park Management Services

Green Industrial Park (Provisional Certification Received)

Modern Utilities and Infrastructure

Security 24/7/365

Freehold and Flood Free

To mitigate the risk of floods, Compass @ Kota Seri Langat has been constructed 12.8ft to 13.5ft above sea level, and is equipped with flood mitigation measures such as 20ft monsoon drains that feed into a large retention pond at the center of the development. All excess water from the retention pond will be directed towards the Langat River (Sungai Langat).

 All property will be built on raised platforms that will allow for rain water to run off to the internal drainage networks around the site.

Leading Edge Security

At COMPASS, our highest priority is the security of our tenants and their property. COMPASS Industrial and Logistics Hub @ Kota Seri Langat will be the first development to deploy our proprietary Integrated Security System (ISS) comprising of the latest in artificial intelligence driven security surveillance systems and biometric machine learning driven access control systems.

Smart CCTV Systems

Resident / Visitor Management System

Security Presence 24/7/365

5 Minutes

To the Klang Valley's Highway Networks

Built to Suit

Total Construction Project Solutions

COMPASS has established itself as the premier integrated industrial solutions provider. Our aim is to provide customers with a full suite of services that will facilitate a seamless transition to their new center of operations.

Initial Project Setup
- Feasibility Studies
- Preliminary Proposal
- Asset Assesment
Planning Services
- Master Plan Development
- Feasibility Study
- Preliminary Design
- Construction Scheduling
- Costing and Estimations
- Financial Consultation
Design Services
- Site Selection
- Local Authority Approvals
- Develop Designs, Schedules and Costing
- Pre-Construction Operations
Construction Services
- Project Mobilizations
- Site Management
- Contract Management
- Quality Control
- HSEQ Management
- Operation Start-up
Post Construction Services
- Building Maintenance
- On Site Security Services
- Renovation Works
- Property Management
- Landscaping Services
- Automation & Green Energy Consultancy

Built to Suit Options

Lease or Buy Back Lease Agreement

Lease property from COMPASS at end of construction.

Outright Purchase Agreement

Purchase the facility from COMPASS at the end of construction.

Adding Value Through Strategic Partnerships

COMPASS partnerships with leading green energy, industrial automation consultants and systems integrators will help operators and businesses achieve digital transformation and their own ESG goals.

Developer's History

The AREA Group is an independent industrial development firm that has been responsible for one of Malaysia’s most iconic developments, AREA Logistics @ Ampang.

This built to suit 3.5 level 1.8 million sqft integrated logistics fac at the center of the capital Kuala Lumpur. Designed to cater for last mile delivery solutions providers, and built in accordance with European specifications, this iconic development is the first of its kind in Malaysia and serves as a template for all future inner city logistics facilities in Malaysia.