Flexible, Sustainable, Secure and Connected

COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat has been conceptualized to leverage on the demand for a new type of industrial space that is automation friendly, ESG compliant with excellent flood protection, and has a freehold land title, enabling export-oriented companies to meet their own ESG compliance and sustainability requirements, as well as their customers.


A New Concept in Industrial Development


COMPASS offers a wide range of high quality FREEHOLD industrial, as well as commercial products, workers accomodation, plug and play utilities and customizable professional services to help our clients get their businesses up and running as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.


Our “built to suit” and “ready-built” units have been designed to support the installation of solar panels, outdoor EV charging stations and a myriad of other green technologies – all positives when compiling ESG scores.


To ensure the safety and security of our customers, COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat will be equipped with the latest security and access control systems that will be monitored and controlled by professional security teams 24/7/365.


COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat exceeds our clients' connectivity requirements with direct access to the Klang Valley highway networks, vital market accessibility, airports, ports as well as access to an abundant local labour force.

Freehold and Flood Free

Our focus on sustainability and innovation is reflected in everything we do, from our use of green building practices to our incorporation of energy-efficient technologies. At COMPASS, we are dedicated to creating a model for all industrial developments of the future, one that prioritizes both the environment and business success.

Reliable Business Support

COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat commits to ensuring a seamless, hastle free experience when locating to this development. With ready access to essential utilities & infrastructure, professional services, reserved space at our workers dormitories ..... getting a business up and running has never been easier. 

Workers Accomodation

COMPASS @ Kota Seri Langat offers professionally managed workers quarters for all our tenants.

  • Gender Only Quarters
  • Proposed 5000 limit population
  • Dobi, Sundry Shops, Medan Selera (Food Courts) and a Clinic
  • Access Control and Visitor Management

One Stop Solutions

Professional services provided by COMPASS include:

  • Built-to-Suit Construction Services
  • Security Services 24/7/365
  • Professional Park Management
  • Access Control and Visitor Management
  • Green Building & Automation Consultancy and System Integration


COMPASS has joined forces with top utility providers, automation firms, and green energy consultants to provide a suite of services that help businesses achieve digital transformation and meet ESG goals.

Plug and Play Utilities

At COMPASS, all our developments utilities are designed to be scalable, so you can easily expand your operations as your business grows.

  • High Speed Broadband
  • 5G Infrastruture Ready
  • Scalable Gas, Electricity, Water, Sewerage
  • Upto 25 meter wide internal roads

Lifestyle Amenities

A modern industrial park should have a range of amenities that make it an attractive place to work. And COMPASS does not disappoint:

  • Executive Business Centers
  • Co-Sharing Work Places
  • A Commercial Center catering to all manner of businesses including restaurants, gyms, banks etc.
  • Lorry Parking Zones with R&R centers
  • Green Areas with exercise facilities
  • Segregated Refuse areas
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